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Barred Indoors From The Summer Street

I forgot that one from my nightmare trip to Sacramento. Makes me wonder where they got the name for the song.

For some fucking reason - I don't know what did this.
Rich bought me a subscription for XM again!! & Not only that. I have Sirius too.
And I gotta say, some of Sirius, not so bad. XM is still better, though. Mostly because Sirius has shit like Cosmo radio. Yeah, I heard it - I wanted to blow my brains out so bad.

But whatever - I'm happy I have my radio back. It has been forever since I've heard stuffs!! I ACTUALLY HAVE THINGS TO LISTEN TO, FUCK.

Unrelated? I'm thinking about buying a doughnut.
And I keep reaching for the mouse when I'm on my laptop?
Tags: i'm being dumb, photogenics, random, rich

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