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My Icon Is Trolling You, btw

I posted what I thought was a harmless question to ask_me_anything, pretty much saying: "Why do I get hungry after I've already eaten? Does anyone else get this?" I don't remember my exact words.. because my post was BAHLEETED.

But I did get some nice LJ messages:
Since I didn't comment on your post before deleting it, I wanted to let you know I did because it seemed on the side of trolling with the icon you used, and because another user was highly bothered by it.

Your secondary question was deleted because I'm sending you this message...

I was confused by this at first.

Sorry for the secondary question. I've never had a post deleted in AMA before and I've asked a few things without trouble.
A user was bothered by the post, or my icon? I used that icon because it's ME, eating some food. I don't see what could be wrong with that? I'm just curious.
I wasn't trying to troll, and I'm confused as how this could be seen as trolling? I didn't know food or being hungry could annoy people?

Turns out...

They were bothered due to the humorous (and what someone could interpret as mocking) tone of your icon attached to the post about eating. I had a suspicion it was of you but the person felt it was making fun of those who over-eat, and they appeared to be sensitive and for one reason or another, upset from how they perceived it. Had another icon been used, the issue likely wouldn't have been.

I realize now of course that I could have simply requested you to switch your usericon used on the post, but of course hindsight is 20/20 and all, so I do apologize about that.


Someone was bothered by my icon. Of me eating. I wasn't even really eating those, just the hamburger, the Pita was Rich's. I'M SORRY JACK IN THE BOX FOOD LOOKS SO FUCKING TASTY.
God damn, fattys sure are easy to piss off.

And then Danni made this post, which she is disappointed with for some reason.
I don't know, I think the tags are the best part.
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