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Book Failure #15

I suck so hard at reading books. It's almost really hard to imagine that I'm a writer at all. There are some books out there that I want to read... I seriously wish I had finished Jim Norton's first, still.

I made it all the way through Morgan Spurlock's - Yes, I have weird knack for only reading things from authors who probably shouldn't be authors. But I have to pretty much force myself through a damn book. Even if I really want to read it.

How hard is it to get .pdf files, anyway?

Semi-related topic: There's a book in the kitchen called Managing Your Emotions, and for some stupid fucking reason, I thought I'd pick it up. Self help books are always lulzy, especially when you actually need help and you're reading through one - pretty much psyching yourself out that you don't need the help it's offering.
I thought I'd get a laugh out of it.. but then I notice it's God driven.
So, do you have to have some kind of moronic blind faith to be happy or what? Should I be pretending that some God like imaginary friend is there for me, just so I can be somewhat happier?

I already believe in a few imaginary things because I'm almost sure I have some kind of border line personality disorder... I don't think I need to add pretend God to the mix, thanks.

The lame ass joke is true: Adults really do have imaginary friends like Jesus.
Oh, Jesus - why can't you just be some mexican fellow who pronounces his name differently?
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