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Universal can't even let it go...

In homage to the attraction, on the construction walls of The Simpsons Ride, Comic Book Guy is wearing Marty's futuristic jacket from 2015 from Back to the Future Part II. Also, Universal employees have said that in the ride's film, animated versions of Doc Brown and Marty McFly, can be seen flying the DeLorean through Krusty Land. - from the wikipedia article found here.

First of all.. BIG SPOILER. flying through Krustyland eh?

It's also made reference to in this article about the Simpsons ride, itself.

The simspsons ride will be in fact similar to the old BTTF ride. Construction was completed recently as of April 18 (last Friday)! The grand opening for Orlando's Universal park is slated for May 15 & 16th; Universal has been sending out emails pushing the new ride.

Last time I went to universal; I took pictures of the outside of the ride and the Marge & Homer characters walking around the park. While talking to Rich and my dad about the new ride, I said it wouldn't be surprising if there was some kind of Family Guy cameo - seeing as all the animated fox shows have had cameos from each other at least in one episode. I also predicted there would be a higher chance of seeing some Futurama characters in the background of the IMAX video. I was close; I totally forgot about the animated BTTF series. I still think there might be a chance of something closely related to this in the ride & no one has said anything just yet.

I'm also suspicious because the last few times I've visted the Universal parks.. I've seen an increase of them selling Family Guy merchendise. They're also selling Futurama items in the "Kwik-E-Mart" next to the new ride.

My dad said the email he got the other day not only informed about the new Simpsons ride, but Universal is planning to build a rollercoaster in the Studios park based on new technology. Rumor is that it will be a music based rollercoaster, but unlike the Disney Aerosmith coaster - this one will let YOU pick your own song while you ride.

I have a horrid hunch that this might be due to the popularity of Guitar Hero. Or even Rock Band. I'm not sure which one Universal would be more likely to buy rights to.

Recently people were up in arms about actress Emma Watson turning 18; she's bangable now so people like that.
Lots of people who keep up with Harry Potter should be pleased to know that Universal is in fact going to open a Harry Potter theme park.
This started as a rumor a few years ago; and a lot of people thought it wasn't going to catch.. but apparently, next year you'll be able to go meet up with wizards & some Harry Potter look a likes.

It's name: The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. It's no longer a joke.

And now I want to go to Holy Land before it's too late... becasue with there being two huge castles in Orlando, people like me are surely going to get lost. I wouldn't mind going to the Harry Potter park before Snapesnogger, though.

To end this... There is still a Back to the Future ride open. It's in the Universal Japan park & wouldn't you know it? They've also got Hello Kitty.

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