lintelsoups (lintelsoups) wrote,

Watch Out! Food Post!

Oh yes, I found a Thai shop in Redding. And in the back, they make food. I so want to go get food from them now.
Btw, this is my souvenir Thai redbull. That wasn't carbonated. It was more like redbull juice. I'm sure some readers are grossed out now. But I love it.

Like piss in a can.

This is what Rich got. Looks like a redbull.. didn't really taste like one. He also said it had the opposite effect on him, rather than giving him energy, it made him tired. wat.

Same exact logo. There was no english on the bottle.

These things were so good. Taste like real shrimp. Looks like fries.

Just because.

Here they are! I was expecting them to be strange, but now I want more. And I wonder what they'd be like with some kind of dip.

Tags: foods, photogenics, rich

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