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What A Week It's Been

We took our mattress off the floor, now we're actually using the futon.

I'm srs business here for some reason. But look, pigtails! Even higher than the last ones, because I'm retarded. (actually Rich requested it)

We always go to U-top it. It's a place with frozen yogurt, and it's pretty much like a buffet. You get your own yogurt and your own toppings.

Don't ask what he's doing.

I think I was hit in the face during this. Well, not this one, but while trying to take these photos.

You can't just smell them without wanting to eat them. It's true.

We have too many parking lot shenanigans.

Found this in walmart. lol.

I got chinese food.

Rich's chinese food.

a tiny corndog.. that at first, didn't taste at all like one. But then it started to once I ate the rest of it.

Crab legs! Not mine. I hate seafood.

My dessert, that little cake thing looked so good. But then I found out it was coffee cake and it sucked.

The service at the place was really sucky. So it took forever for us to get our check, and then get our change back. wtf.

Koi fish spam.

All those other pictures were from last week, this is from the other day. It's some water spewing tower in the middle of Shasta Lake.

The lulz.

A bear for Danielle. He owns a shop.

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