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Yeah, yeah, Michael Jackson died.

He didn't die of a heart attack. He died of food poisoning. They found 12 year old nuts in his mouth.

Farrah Fawcett died. When she got to heaven she asked God for one favor - that all the children in the world be safe. Soon after, Michael Jackson died.

Michael Jackson was so full of plastic surgery, that he went outside without his handkerchief and the sun melted him.

Thanks 4chan. No really. or no rly. lolwat.

What I want to know is, though.. was it fucking Night of the Living Dead I saw, or one of the Return of the Living Dead's that I saw - where the punk rocker chick is sitting under the bridge and she starts cutting herself with like a box spring from a mattress?
I forgot that there was a Return of the Living Dead series, and I'm beginning to think that I never saw NOTLD or Day of, or Dawn of. Whatevers. Which sucks, because for the longest time, I thought Night of the Living Dead was hardcore. But if I saw something else and thought it was NOTLD. Well, I just suck.

I have so many pictures to post later. But hey! I have to go to work. Cleaning my neighbors house. Not a real job.
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