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Walking Around Town - Literally.

We rode down to Redding, in the back of a car next to Rosco here. Seriously, Rosco sat in between us. Panting the entire way. lol.

He just makes gooney faces all the time.

So yeah, we got dropped off in Redding and had to walk our way around. We went to Cold Stone Creamy - which I had no idea had such good ice cream. I got some cheesecake ice cream and Rich got some Jello pudding chocolate stuff.

I like wearing my hair like this now, but whenever I wear my hair up too long, I get headaches.
We went everywhere walking. To the mall, twice I think. Best Buy, WinCo, Barnes and Nobles...

Round Table Pizza. I like their salad bar, actually. No where near as good as Ruby Tuesday, but it's good.

I got a tiny pizza there to see what their pizza's like, since last time I just got the salad bar.


After we had been walking around all day, we tried to call home to get a ride, but Rich's mom picked up instead. She has some thing where she can answer the phone at the house on her cell? & I don't know why she would pick up - he was calling from a payphone.
She screwed up our plans.

So we took the bus. It's called the RABA, or like it says "The Ride."

Bus wasn't so bad at first. It actually wasn't until we got back to Shasta Lake here. Creeps started piling on & some fucking guy who was missing a finger wouldn't stop talking to us and the god damn bus driver. wtf.
He was all about showing us his missing finger too. And making corny jokes about it.

Rich one this at Round Table. He got it on the first try, too. It's hanging from our light.

I actually had a fun time walking around, aside from it being really tiring. And probably the most fucked up thing: I woke up at like 7 in the morning yesterday. Then didn't go to bed until 3 am today. wtf wtf insomnia.

Had more of those Red Baron deep dish mini pizzas. So fucking good. I could live off those. I shouldn't, though. & of course today we walked to the market here in town. & then to Rite Aid.
walk walk walk.

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