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Only 200 pogs for my Wii

Roth called today and said her brother could possibly buy my Wii!! YAY!! Finally. It sucks to give it up.. but hey, I've already beat a game on it - and other games are too expensive for me. I also want to Freetime for my Sims; still want that cyclo for my DS; aaand later an Xbox to play Bully & GTA4 online. Sorry. I'm a slave to Rockstar & I also love Lazlo; even though Manhunt 2 wasn't all it's cracked up to be.

I'm also a whore for better graphics in my games and Wii dosn't provide that; it's a gimic system that is all be-it fun; the newer Mario game pissed me off and the rest of it is kid stuff so... I'm done with it, yeah.

For Roth: Several pictures of the Wii for you to show to your brother, or just look at it to tell him the quality.
This picture gives you a pretty good idea of everything that comes with the Wii system alone. There's also pictures of the charger station in there.

And on Tuesday I'll show it off at some pwn shops & drop it by blockbuster too because I have to take movies back anyhow. (Less Than Zero - total win)

In other news...
I might go to the RedBull Flugtag in Tampa this summer.
OHHH & To make up for not seeing Kids in the Hall at Hard Rock; XM's Unmasked just recorded a show with Dave Foley, Kevin McDonald and Scott Thompson. It's kind of torturing me though, they keep playing the clip from the sketch Roth & I preformed in highschool and I still know all the lines.

Still, I think it's win. Besides, seeing them live wouldn't be any better than me seeing Jim Bruer live - I wouldn't get any pictures, and I know wouldn't get to meet them and no one is talking to Kevin - he's more shy than I am. Besides.. I don't want to pay for the tickets that I'm sure are already sold out.

Besides; right now I love Morgan Spurlock and his devil vegan chef wife. She's alright, but I still think he's a genius - especially with this new one.
Not to mention, 30 days got picked up for a third season!! And I suppose they're still writing Rescue Me.. stupid strike.

I went to the flea market earlier. Fun until I lost the car and then lost myself on the road. FUCKING HATE NOT HAVING A GPS!!
I'll just add that to my "expensive things to get" list. Oh well.

moar later.

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