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This Is What A Nightmare Is To Me.

My dreams have been pretty out there lately, but the one I had this morning tops them all.

The entire side of my dad's family moved out here. Just to bug me. They tried to come out here and find me. And this was scary. Because if that happened... I'd have to run away or something. I wouldn't be able to take it.
My dad kept trying to follow me. I was walking around the city & it came off like I had a job and a real life.
As opposed to you know, my reality.

Whatever. This scared the shit out of me.
I woke up telling myself reasons as to why it wouldn't be real.

I think the worst part was my grandparents being around too. They were just as good with the nagging as they were in real life.
Or maybe the worst part was that they wouldn't leave me alone or give up to find me... just to talk to me. That part scares the shit out of me for sure.
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