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My Past Few Days...

Let's start off with the most horrifying picture, lol. This was Rich's eye about a week ago. We were all afraid that WalMart was going to send him home because of it. He managed to bypass it. And his eye has gotten... better?

New clothes!!

New bathrobe type thing. It's for the beach, I know.. but I don't know how often I'm going to go to the beach here.

Rich got a new airsoft gun. Not as good as the ones we used to have.

These came in the mail, Long Cat buttons! There are four that you can wear to make a looong cat, and fifth one, that has Looooong Cat curled up on it. so cute :3 (omg buttface.)

Hah, and here's the reason I've been missing for the past few days. I found myself babysitting again. These girls are nothing like Tiffany and her friends, thank god. These children are actually well behaved. For the most part.
And yeah, that's April sitting on the far left.

Yeah, most of the pictures are us making gooney faces.

I got a new bag! PANDAS!! & they're humping.

This and my new bag picture were both taken by the kids. hee.

Maddie! The one taking most of the pictures. She's bound to be a photographer later in life, I think. She loves my camera, too.

This is her sister Echo, with their Dad. They all live next door to us.
I think sometime in the next few months, though, they're going to be moving up to Oregon.

They all wanted me to go to the lake with them yesterday, so I did. & I got to swim out here. Very different from the lakes in Florida. There are rocks EVERYWHERE. You can't go somewhere without stepping on them. I scraped myself up a few times on them.
And the kids do something here I haven't seen before. They like to take logs out into the lake and float on them. I was afraid I was going to get splinters :D but I didn't.

I got this in mail today!

I've been wanting to see this movie for awhile. I love the Dimension Extreme series, now.

The case is so bad ass. I love it already.

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