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If you don't know the story, There's a girl named Christine. She's a loan officer and because she wants a promotion, she decides she's going to be a badass and not give a poor old gypsy woman an extension on her loan.

She gives the old lady the "Sorry, my boss won't let me" routine. So the old lady attacks her in front of everyone. The gypsy insists she's been shamed, so she starts stalking Christine.

From here on out, the movie is non-stop JUMPY, gross, and really really over the top.
Especially after the gypsy curses Christine. Using one of her buttons. (yes, this is ridiculous)

Right up until the end of the movie, you get very few breaks of calmness. Something is always coming out of something and grabbing her. Or worse, making REALLY FUCKING LOUD NOISES. There's a part in this movie where there is so much noise that you can't even hear what it is anymore.

And in true Sam Raimi fashion - there's a lot of people getting tossed in the air. Every time something cute shows up, something ruins it.
A good example being Christine's cat. Which she kills. Because she is a psychopath thought it would get rid of the demon that's coming after her. Yes, there is a smokey demon like figure coming after her, as well as the old dead gypsy lady showing up again and again.
In hallucinations of course. (Yes, I liked the movie because it had hallucinations in it)

The truly horrifying part of this movie? Seeing everyone using APPLE COMPUTERS. Because mister "I'm a Mac" fag is in this movie. I'm just glad there were no iphones. I would have walked out of the damn theater.

Anyway, it gets pretty gross in some parts. The only reason it has a PG-13 rating is because there's no sexual content - which honestly makes it a better movie. Also, I don't think there was an F-bomb in this movie anywhere. Which was interesting... because you can say "Fuck" in a PG-13 movie, as long as it's not sexual in context.
There's a six second difference between the R rated version and the PG-13 one. I gotta wonder if it's because of the cat murder scene. They don't show you the cat dying. (Which is also nice)
But later on a guy becomes possessed and pukes up the dead kitten. No joke, it comes out of his mouth and looks like it's going "meow!". Rich and I could not stop laughing.

And in case you're wondering...

She sprays blood out of her nose, swallows a fly in her sleep which consequently she coughs up the next day at dinner, gets puked on several times (all in different fashions mind you), fights with a corpse and fucks up big time.
Her cursed button could have been given to someone else (she wouldn't have to go to hell). So she tries to get rid of it, only she accidentally switches the button with her boyfriends coin. Both of which are in envelopes.

Like the poster says, she gets drug to hell. Or is it dragged?

Whatever. A guy pukes up a kitten. Go fucking see it. OH & a goat talks. Seriously, go see it.
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