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PICTURE POST WHEEEEEEEEEEEEW key sure does suck on Rich's computer. He has such a nice big ass monitor, though.

Rich's old licence plate. PWNED11

Full on game. His brother drew this.

Some of Rich's fine art.

Oh look - it's April.

Always hilarious when these two fight.

TACO SALAD. it has a secret sauce - all I know is that mayo is in it. I don't remember the other stuff she put in there. It was really tasty though.

This is the side of Rich's computer.




He burns just about everything.

oh yes. Trashed the bowl.

Can't not eat it.

We went mini golfing, but there aren't really any good pictures of me golfing, just Rich. For some reason, he didn't take a picture of me with my club. Just my face D:

What a noob.

blue ball.


My most recent picture: A whole chicken in a can. HOW FUCKING GROSS IS THAT? We almost bought one for nostalgia purposes.
Seriously, though. What the fuck?

Tags: april is her name, foods, i'm being dumb, photogenics, rich

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