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Yes, we finally got the money to get hair dye to fix our faded look. I say we and our because Rich did his hair too. He actually got an entire haircut - something I won't be doing for awhile, still. But whatever - I'm just glad my hair isn't faded grey anymore. So annoying to have shit hair when you also don't have any money.

Btw, Rich got paid hella good working at fucking Wal Mart of all places. Just to give a general idea of what he got - the lady in front of him got like 800 dollars. It's only shocking to us because we're used to working at Winn-Dixie over in Florida, where they fucking cheat you out of your pay. Yeah, yeah, we could have gone to human resources. We moved instead.

So yesterday was pretty much party day. First time we've had real money in awhile - why not go spend it? Got real food. Ate real food. Got real drinks, too. IT WAS WAY TOO REFRESHING to drink that sprite. I've been drinking water from the tap around here and I'm sooo sick and tired of it. Never again, I hope.

Ohhh & like every other post on Livejournal right now:
We went to go see Star Trek. And you know what I think? Star Trek = #1 supporter of interracial relationships. Also wtf, Winona Ryder was Spock's mom. wat
& yeah, I saw Tyler Perry - I didn't rage as much as I thought I would.
Oh, one last thing. Rich about lost it in the theater when he saw Simon Pegg. I guess he wasn't aware he's in the movie? I lol'd.
Shit. Lens flare = they're in space, on a space ship filled with lights. Shit is bound to be shiny? That's my only excuse for Abram's awkward camera work. What a 12 year old, can't even hold a camera still.

Kinda left the theater thinking I had just watched someone's fanfiction. Alright, I guess.

I have to go wait for people to wake up so I can make lots of noise cleaning house in hopes I will get paid for it.
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