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Mega Geek Post Right Now

I just saw the first Star Trek trailer with Simon Pegg in it. And I got super excited for some reason. I don't know why - but I love it when he does new movies. Probably because I watched stuff like Shaun of the Dead and Spaced long ago. Oh and Black Books.


I need to know if that's his wife - because if so, hard core. She is a titty monster and a half, dude.

And, I didn't notice until I went into photoshop - he's doing the Vulcan sign. rofl.
We all know he's a big nerd, though.

I really want to see this movie for some reason. I like the old Star Treks; but I do admit I liked Next Generation better. FUCK YEAH CAPTAIN PICCARD
I'm all in it right now. I have to go beg Rich if I can see the movie soon; I'm sure it'll be out for awhile but omg, I'm dying to see it.

I'm excited about fucking John Cho Sulu, too.

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