lintelsoups (lintelsoups) wrote,

Complaints Of Sorts

I try to sit here on my bed - that's on the floor btw. It's not the most comfortable thing in the world but I thought I could sit on it without it hurting my feet.
For some reason the heel of my foot hurts when I sit here. It starts feeling sore like I've walked on it all day, but I haven't.

It smells around here, too. I just fucking woke up and there's this rank garlic smell. Rich cooked some breakfast thing, and it looks good. But god dammit. That smell is making me want to puke.

Lastly, not so much of a complaint!
April is going to pick me up sometime today so that I can meet her sister. She's apparently around my age, too. I've heard some crazy things about her from April - like one, she's a Jehovah Witness.
Oh boy.

But hey. I like that. I can always connect with JW's because you know, I used to be one. ROFL. Especially when there is going to be free food for me.
Were you all aware that Olive Garden has a fucking salad bar?! Because the last ones I went to, did not.

So I have things to look forward too.
Tags: april is her name, i'm being dumb, text only boo

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