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Then, The Lulz Occurred.

Rich and I were sitting on the couch watching his brother play Grandia 2.
Yes, this is what we do on weeknights.

I had my laptop, cause I'm still making icons. I'm all into that right now.
Rich goes "is that Franz Ferdinand?"
I didn't say anything because I didn't want a fucking music war to bust out again between me and his silly brother.
Who by the way replied with "Dude, take me out." Granted, I lol'd.

Not loling hard enough.
Rich says, in all too literal of a voice:
"You're not replying to me. I'm gonna have to close this thread."
"I'm freezing comments."
"Where are the mods?"

I couldn't stop laughing for like five minutes.
Good ol' forum speak. lulz.

-Also I updated Miranda finally and now it doesn't let me IM people. This is why I hate updates.
Tags: i'm being dumb, rich, text only boo

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