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Messages From Beyond The Grave

I've been getting some weird e-mails lately. The most interesting would be the one that image is related to. I guess I won "cutest" in a doll contest - ROFL. I haven't "dolled" in ages. Not that I was ever big in that community or anything, but when I was a teenager I was all about those stupid things.
I stopped because I started realize I wasn't that talented at it. Not to mention I can't make my own bases like everyone else did. I stopped drawing for the same reason too - I'm horrible at shading. I don't know why, I just don't get the concept of "light hits the spot like this". Even though I've done many tutorials including that lovely picture of the shaded ball. I think I made one once, to try and prove to myself I was learning. Nothing but fail here.

It was nice to get that little gift, though. I didn't even remember participating in a contest or making that doll. I probably don't have that doll anymore.
Not sure why I was so into that stuff; I wasn't really big on playing with dolls when I was a kid.

The woman who sent me that e-mail is one of the many people I have been getting messages from saying they disappeared for awhile, or are going to.
Just thought it was weird that people were deciding to fade out?
Where are they going? Back to real life? Or just other places on the interweb?

There should be a missing person's site for people from the internet. Not to be confused with like, an Amber Alert or something.
No srs business here.
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