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Licking Up - Ewwww!

Well I'm bored. This one is loooong. So watch out. & stuff. I'm going to finish this soon, I just don't know when.
Mostly because the image of "him" keeps changing thanks to me having stupid dreams. Do you know who I'm thinking of? Because I'm pretty predictable.
Also, making more icons.

"I know you. Had dinner with you the other night, didn't I?" He stops at the street light, leaning over leering at me in the dark. He's got his hands in his pockets. It looks to be that he's wearing eyeliner.
"Do you have trouble keeping track of who you have dinner with?" I'm there dressed for the nightlife as usual.
"Are you insinuating that I get around?"
"I would hope so." I'm always so quick with the repartee. He smirks at the thought of being considered a slut. I just assume he's experienced.
"Why do you think we run into each other like this so often?" He leaned up against the brick wall, with his back to it. Casually, standing on his heels.
I laugh a little bit, because I can not control myself when I need to. I turn to stand in front of him.
"Are you insinuating that I'm stalking you?" I fold my arms and wait for a reply.
He continues with his smirking. It gradually turns into a grin.
"There's something I haven't tried." He gets back to fully being on his feet.
"Tried? What exactly are you wanting to try?" I looked at him as carefully as I could in the dark. He had obviously just come back from somewhere. He seemed, damp.
"You." Flat out, his exact word. Even better, his only word.
I howled at the idea literally,
"Oh?!" I was still laughing at everything else. "Did you seriously just say that?" I scoffed. He nodded.
"Let's go find out if I'm real or not, then." He was practically standing over me. I looked around myself for a second. Just to check in with reality; the situation was pretty out there.
"Does this mean we're off to somewhere?" I looked up at him, this time. He looked up. His hand came out of his pocket a brief moment to point to the sky.
"Up there. You can see reality," He put his hand down and looked back at me. "And a little bit more if you'd like. I promise."
That voice hit me like a brick.
"You're talking about a plane. Right?" I looked up at the sky for a second.
"We're almost late for it." He was too cool, even for himself. He started walking away, still facing me. As if he were trying to say 'Come on'; So I followed him.

I was too drowsy to think about anything really. I don't remember anything about the car ride.. or even getting off the plane. There I was, in bed next to him. He was dead asleep. So I got up to find I was still dressed. Not one piece of clothing was missing off of me. There was a dresser across the room with a mirror on top of it. I had to go to it - like I always do. My hair was a bit messy. Sex or anything related to it was out of the question. But I had to wonder if maybe some drinking was involved.
The funny thing about that is, I've been piss drunk as he likes to say, before. I still remember all of it. From every single time I have ever had a drink in my life - I remember at least something. This felt like my mind had been erased somehow.
So was it drugs? Drugs are the only definite response to a situation like this. I just went with that.
My mind couldn't stop questioning it, though. I didn't know he did drugs. Maybe he didn't do drugs at all and just drugged me.
I thought about all this while straightening my hair out the best I could. I didn't have any brushes or utensils with me. The entire thing was spontaneous. Now it was just plain getting out of control.
I looked in the mirror to see behind me; he was still out like a light. Maybe he'd take the supposed drugs, too.
I started wondering around the room. There was a big window on one side. The other side was a door, with a closet next to it. Next to that was another door.
Hotel room, I thought. But there was only one bed, no TV and no bathroom. So I went to the second door. It led to another room. There was a bathroom and a dining table plus a kitchenette. I left the door open and headed for the bathroom.
For a bathroom, it was unbelievably large. Everything in it was made of glass, including the tub and toilet. Even the mirror was abstract in shape. It was square over the sink and cabinets and then came down around the side to form a full length mirror.

The entire place was odd. I was wondering if he'd picked it out or if someone just dropped us off here. Then I started wondering why he wasn't awake yet. I abruptly left the bathroom to go back to where he was sleeping. When I got there I found he was gone. There wasn't a note or anything. I sat on the bed and looked around, waiting for a few minutes to see if he'd come back. Assuming he just went down the hall or something; any minute now he'd come strolling back in to tell me what was going on. Nothing.
So I got up to check out the window that went from the floor to the ceiling. I got about three steps up to it before losing my breath. The room was very far up. I could see clouds in front of me if I wanted to. I chose to look down at the city instead.
Just as I was losing my balance from the sight of the buildings, I heard the door opening. I stumbled a little making the mistake of trying catch myself on the glass of the window. He of course caught me in time.
"You all together?" He asked, setting me on the floor. I was on my side holding myself up with an arm and using my other hand to rub my forehead.
"I think so. Where am I?" Wrong thing to ask.
"We're in a hotel. Sure you're okay?" He held out his hand to help me up. I took it, of course.
"I think I'll be fine. I should lay down. I wasn't ready for all of that." He led me over to the bed and tucked me in. Then he sat down next to me.

Non-mind related stuff: Rich goes to Orientation on May 1st.
I'll be able to eat real food again.
Maybe I'll be able to see that new Star Trek movie. (yes, I want to go see it.)

My clinic was filled with hot asian women.
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