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I let April braid my hair. She did a good job. Now I need to learn how to fucking do it.

We went to a midnight showing of Crank 2: High Voltage. Yes, I do go to see stupid movies sometimes. Well, it wasn't really stupid - just really over the top. Which was lulz.
Serious amount of asians in that movie, too. Makes me wish I had seen the first one, though.
Amy Smart doesn't bug me that much anymore.
There wasn't too much of a CGI fest, either. Near the end, it got really cheesy.. but I think they planned for it to end that way.

And really, it was too funny. I love it.

Seeing all the 8 bit Nintendo stuff at the beginning was hardcore. Not to mention some fucking Mike Patton music. LOL FOREVER METAL COMMUNITY.


All the subtitles were cracking me up. I don't even know why. The movie is just so ridiculous. It was worth the party of going there at 12 in the morning to see it in a tiny fucking theater.

Then we went to go take a picture of this place. Mostly because I like industrial buildings, but also because I want this kind of stuff in my script I'm writing.

There's a thumbcat in my lap.
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