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Big Yawn

We rented Ichi the Killer last night.. and I am so pissed that we got the cut version. There was like, no violence in there at all. WTF HOLLYWOOD VIDEO?! Rich was also pissed.

fair warning, this is stupid shit I daydream about. It's not real. Nor do I want it to be real, you should also note that. I've always been looking for my muse & I think I found him. It has to be a him - I'm just too straight. *cries* I WISH I LIKED WOMEN MORE. I DO. But alas, I find my muse to be a cross between the singer from Franz Ferdinand and Peter Weller. (No, not as robocop, though, you should be afraid.)

If you feel like you want your mind to be raped, go ahead and read:

"It's always better on holiday" He rests his arms down on the table, with a pensive look on his face.
"What is?" I look back at him. We're both sitting in a booth in a darkened small night cafe.
"This place is. Everything is more lit up. You'd like that, right?" He looks at me with a grin.
"You know me. Bright lights, Big city." I lean back in the seat, waiting for him to say more things
He looks away, over to the bar, then back at me.
"We should go to Japan." He suggests pretty calmly, for someone I've only just met.
"You want to take me all the way to Japan? We just-" He puts his arm around me.
"It's amazing there. The food is especially good. More lights. Big cities. Right?" I nod to him. "What'd you order? I forget." He says with a laugh.
"Chicken tenders."
"What? Tender? Explain this."
"You've never heard of them? Seriously?" I'm sure face was scrunched up in the worst most unattractive way. But I was too confused by this. This man has been everywhere. How could he not know about them?
"Aren't you going to tell me? I've had chicken before, but it is cooked a certain way? Why is, as you call it, 'tender'?" He throws his other arm around, almost waving his hand. He still has a huge smile on his face.
"They're just pieces of chicken. Uh, boneless, sometimes they're fried. The waiter said they make them special here, so I don't know how they'll be."
"I see. You know you're very American?" He makes me blush, and I'm somewhat disappointed. I didn't really want to be thought of that way. I was trying to be more cultured, with the man from many countries. "Nothing wrong there." His accent seems to be getting stronger.
"There are plenty of things wrong with America."
"I was talkin about you. Nothing wrong there." He winks at me this time. I laugh a little because I can't help myself. He says everything so smoothly. And his voice is so deep, it's amazing he can sing so well. His voice is always changing tones. He is constantly the most interesting man I've ever met.
Here I am thinking I shouldn't go to Japan with him.
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