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I've Been Studying

I've been studying my Screenplays for Dummies book. I even got a notebook and I'm taking notes. I think it'll sink in better that way. It already it is. But I came across something in there.
I got the thing because it's not like I have trouble thinking up ideas for stuff to write about. But since I want to write movies and not books, I need to know the format. I have an idea of what the format it is, but I wanted to get it right, you know?

And there is a right way and a wrong way to do it. I want to be serious about this, so I'm doing it the right way.
But anyway, what I found out was:

I don't write often enough. I'm just one of those people that casually writes things. From time to time, I feel inspired to write. That's normal. And a good thing. But there's this whole other part to it. I need to be writing every day, if I want anything to happen. Sitting on those ideas forever is not going to make me a big time screenwriter. I already knew this, but I feel I had to learn it.

You know, it's all about discipline. I'm always telling myself, I should write something - then of course I never do. Truth is I should have been doing this back when I had nothing better to do over in Florida, but it's too late for that now. So it's much harder, when all we do is go out and look for jobs.
Yes, I still need a job.

But I already have a job, that I'm doing poorly. Writing. I should at least be churning out a few pages every day. YES, EVERY FUCKING DAY. And I am not, because I was born a procrastinator.
I obviously have it in me to write, or I wouldn't be doing it right this moment. So, all I need is a schedule.
There needs to be a time for me, every day, for me to write something - ANYTHING. I'm not very good at making up schedule's though. I also have no form of a calendar. I guess it doesn't have to be a set schedule, but I need to say to myself every day - "I'm gonna write something today."

And then you know, do it. After all, if it's my career goal, I should get on ball, right?
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