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I don't know where it's from. electrocoustic gave it to me. There are suddenly thousands of them.

Rescue Me comes on tonight, and I won't get to see it :(
So I'm gonna have to hulu it or something. I missed Aqua Teen last week, too. But that, that's because they didn't pay the cable in time. lawl.

We had a taco party today. It's Taco Tuesday everywhere in Redding and Shasta Lake. So we went to Del Taco and got 15 tacos. I ate five of them. PWN.

Rich says Redbulls taste like lemon, but I don't taste it.

I've put some applications in at Del Taco and Panda Express. The Panda Express here is really fucking fancy compared to the one in Orlando we went to. I would love to go eat there sometime, the food looks good. Now if only I got a damn job.

Dog party continues to rage on.
The Kangaroo found a tent.

I troll'd some IMDB boards last night.

And I'm looking forward to playing my game again.. whenever that finishes downloading. No more base game, PETS EP for the win.
I love stupid digital pets. I don't know why. That cat gif probably explains it.
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