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Picture Of The Week

OMG OMG. These are some of the best kinds of pictures.
As you can see. We've been out at night around here, now. It was only a matter of time. I overloaded myself on burritos from Del Taco. And then fucking bags of candy from WinCo.
WinCo is the fucking best. They have an entire isle of candy that you can get however many pounds of in a bag, and it's usually only at most 4$/lb. Most of the stuff I get is 2-1$ a lb. So I can get at least 4 hand fulls of Reece's pieces.. and it'll still be under a pound.

We got like 5 bags last time we were there. It cost 5$ in all. The candy itself lasted about two days. Roffles.

We also got a big ass monitor for our borrowed computer. My hard drive is hooked up to it, so hopefully I will get to play my game again. Aaaaaaaand I'll be to edit some pictures. Which is what I really want to do now. I've had an itching for that for some reason. It's been awhile since I've actually been able to fuck around in photoshop. I miss those days.
The computer has to go bye-bye sometime, though. Hopefully that will be after one of us has a job. I doubt retard McGee* is actually going to be able to get his "plan" together so he can have a fucking hard drive.

I tried Mike's Hard Lemonade last night. It's okay, but it didn't taste enough like lemonade for me. Whatever. I'd drink it again. I also watched one of the puppies shit on the new loveseat right next to me. GOD.

The kitchen is full of fucking dogs all the time now. Little puppies everywhere. Sometimes they multiply. There will be two, then three.. and of course the bigger dog, Rosco. He's always lazily hanging out somewhere.
House is full of fucking animals. I'm just glad there aren't random birds flying around. rofl.

We watched a bunch of TV last night on the new monitor. I'd take a picture of it, but I feel like I'm filling up my stupid card. It's a Samsung, 23 inches, I think. Widescreen. It's really nice for watching tv, that is for sure. I don't even miss my other monitor anymore. LOL!

This entry is getting too long for my liking. But for some reason I wanted to mention I've been reading up on a lot of stuff. I like getting educated on things. Also, found some new horror movies I want to check out. I'm always worried that I'm going to run out of being able to find things I want to see. I guess my list of things to watch is still pretty long, though.
Broken & Inside.

Are there people on my FL into horror movies? I actually don't know the answer to that.. I talk to you people all the time. Tell me what you're into, plz!
Also, I'd probably have more friends into horror/thriller flicks if people that were into that stuff weren't so fucking stupid about it all: "oh man, I really love Saw and the remake of Texax Chainsaw" GOD. I know it's only my opinion, I just wish other people shared my opinion of some of that stuff is just really silly.

I could go on forever, right now. I'll shut up instead.
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