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Just Moving Constantly

We haven't even been here a month and the people are fucking rearranging all the rooms in this fucking trailer. It's a tiny ass trailer, too.. so no room to get stuff moving really.

Fucking place is a mess now. But with Rich and his crackhead mom at work, they'll have the place done in no time. & I mean that in the best of ways, really. Also, there's a constant dog party going on. That's sometimes fun.

One of the pups likes to nibble at my feet.

I'm also helping out around here, but I got all my stuff put away where I want it - I don't know what to do with Rich's stuff. He said he'll go through it later. I wish he'd take some of the garbage out of here, though.

Fucking Nintendo system doesn't even work. And he's going to play his Dreamcast so it gets to stay here. WHY?!
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