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Drunken Saturday

Rich has this uncle Dan - he gets drunk all the time.. I've not seen this until yesterday. He is seriously so wasted that he can barely move.
Very entertaining.

Om noms? Rich was trying to feed him.

Everyone was taking pictures and video of him on the porch.

Of course.

More feeding time. ROFL. Too bad he didn't actually eat them, though.

He finally got up.. after coming in the house - landing on a glass that flew at me. We were all loling, so it was no big deal. This guy does have problems, though.

lol in the car.

Yes, that is Rich's brother Kenny wearing a fucking sombraro. He was also playing fucking mexican music in his car.

Oh shit man, get up. You can do it!

He tries to get on his bike.

Dan stood up for like two seconds, Kenny puts his hand out and Dan immeadiatly falls to the ground.

Drunkard threw some rocks and Kenny, so of course that was crossing the line...


His words: "I love ya!"

"...I'll kill ya!"

To top it off, this was just last night... I was just told that two rednecks were just fighting outside of our house. WOW.

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