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Pictures Later, I Have To Fart.

I only have a few more pictures left from the trip. I'll post those later and hope no one comments on this post, lol.

I have been farting all night. I'm used to having some extreme bad gas, and it's usually bad because it doesn't come out - it just knots up in my stomach for whatever reason. They were so bad tonight, though. I seriously got a headache from the smell of them, I'm not kidding. I feel like I get sick from the fucking things.

on top of all that, I feel gross - because you know, farting until I'm sick. What the fuck??

And those two days of having to pee nonstop. I keep fucking up and not going to the doctor.. something is up with my body. So I need to get to one, stat. (no pun intended, I don't think)

My apologies if my journal entries are getting nastier and nastier as my life progresses, ROFL. Not that I care or anything. Just want you to know that I stink in person. Good luck for me getting a job now... Maybe this is why the guy at Rite Aid snarled at me. He could smell me from a mile away.
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