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More Carolina Pictures

I have to do these in batches, it kind of sucks.

Riding around with Dannie, with a hedgehog on my head.

Dannie had a little meeting at Starbucks, and when she was parked, we saw some guy back into her car. He hit it, too.

BOJANGLES!! They have good food, but they gave me rice instead of fries, fucking douche's. We ate at a fancy little park in Charlotte.

One of the many ducks there that hang out. I snuck up on em.


After this, we just hung out on the playground.

I didn't know she was giving the finger, roffles.

More of Rich's gooney expressions.

They abused the hell out of that thing.

TORTURE, but Dannie wouldn't stop giggling.


Dannie is a gangsta - BOOGIE BOOGIE!

lol, this.

I don't even remember this being taken.

This thing was fucking crazy. It spins as soon as you get on it, and then you can't get off. Well, I couldn't. I fail.

LOL, see? I had to get help.

It says "fuck" on there, I did not see that until the picture.

So, I'm having this problem now where I have to pee all the time. I seriously feel like I have to go about twice an hour. After looking into it, seems like it could be a number of things like a bladder infection, a urinary tract infection, I could be preggorz, lots of things. I need to go to the doctor.. I don't have one around here, though. So this is going to be difficult, especially with lack of money.
Also I need to start going to apply for jebs. Waiting on Rich. Aside from all that, I'm still having fun.

OOHHHH & also, I got stuff to make tomato sandwiches! I had one for breakfast, soooo good. Dannie showed me how to make them. They're so fucking tasty and they feel healthy to eat.
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