lintelsoups (lintelsoups) wrote,

The Last Of The Worst

Rich's gay outfit.

MMMM homemade hamburgers. These are the best damn home made burgers I've ever had. Usually they're dry and hard, but these were soft. and juicy. mmm. Juicy.

Ants in my dad's playstation 2.

No more frogs in my showers. :(

The last of the chinese food. I didn't have any, cause. I didn't want it. I didn't care for those people.


Ninja cows, they kept getting closer to us. So we took off. I was afraid they might standpeed or something.

MMM strawberries.

Loitering. No more Daytona Beach for us. Fun times, though.

So, I'm in North Carolina with Danielle - we're all sharing a motel room. PARTY.
Tags: dannie, photogenics, rich

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