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I Could Not Go Out Like That.

We got a fucking Pu Pu Platter. And when we ordered it, Rich says "That sounds funny" and the little asian woman replied "It does? *giggle*"

What did you expect, really.

I'm also up to no good.

Tuesday is apparently Crazy Hat Tuesday. As opposed to Butt Rub Wednesday.

After we went to the beach, Rich got this chicken thing. Wtf.

Boston Creme thing that I told electrocoustic about.


Some peach item.

moar food p0rn.

Fucking frozen yogurt is ice cream.

I'm obsessed with those shots, I know. But god, that was some good popcorn.


Some kind of purple lol

This picture is for real.

Okay, no more from me. Hiatus & such. You know the deal. In fact, I won't be online after this post. bye.

Oh and wish me luck that my head doesn't get cut off, yeah??
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