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You Always Go Back To Being A Nut, Don't You?

Cute little pans.

Some off putting mixture.

Goes in the oven...


Why not?

This is what 500 dollars looks like in a hat.
(not my money)

We didn't go here. We should have, but I had a free coupon for Quizno's
*waits for Roth to reply QUIZNOS SUCKS*


GOD. this thing was soo good. Maybe because it was free? Mmm. Free food.

LOL. This was on the back of a van. When they put their turning signal on, it would wave it's hooves/arms around.

I wish I could get better pictures, but you know, stupid I-4 and all.

Cat on my butt.

We went to the Altemonte Mall on the way back from an errand of sorts. (mysterious, I know). Nothing exciting happened there. Well, I got a shirt I have been dying to get, but other than that.. some foreign bitch called my hair greasy. Oh and since it always looks like we're having car trouble some bum scammed money off Rich. It wasn't the best day ever but we had some fun.

Oh & the other day my mom came here to try blackmailing me into marriage with Rich.
Just when I thought my mom couldn't sink any lower. Well, her at least her craziness is consistent, as they say in sf_drama

I'm eating Oreo's and that new Cherry Dr.Pepper. FAAAAAAAAT. No. But Dr.Pepper over Oreo's, I don't know what is worse.

Oi vey, I have a new layout too. I don't know why, but pink is a bad idea.
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