lintelsoups (lintelsoups) wrote,

There's Something In My Eyebrow!

This is kind of an oldie. Back when I made vodka popsicles. They didn't turn out that great, lol.

Also old. We went out to eat at the local Italian place. This is some sort of anti-pasta salad. Went there recently, too. They have some decent food, but god, the service is shit.

From the asian restaurant. Who uses the word "retard" in that sense anymore??

The TV found it's way back into my room. lawlz.

fucking cat. & rich.

Now more recent stuff. This frog here likes to use Axe shower gel.

I dyed my hair, and it looks like shit right now. I'll be re-doing it.

And this morning - I got my eyebrow pierced!
Out of nowhere, yes?

Rich's chipotle chicken sandwich. I would have gotten a better picture, but it's impossible to get Rich away from his damn food when he gets it.

He also likes to get in my food.

This thing was insanely good, and I really shouldn't have had it.

Direct TV blimp!! Hehe, it was the races today or something. Daytona was fucking packed; and they had some shit thing at the mall. God, it was annoying. Rednecks everywhere. D:

I just like seeing my new piercing in pictures now. Really.

For all you foot fetishers; I got new shoes. I rarely do this.

& Panda shirt. damn my lips are fucked up.

Tags: foods, i'm being dumb, photogenics, rich

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