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Sick Again Or Something.

I have an insane sore throat. I tried not to talk all day. Which I found out is really hard for me to do, even though I don't say much to begin with. When I'm not allowed to talk, it makes me want to say things.

I learned how to fix accessories today, yay for that. Stupid meshes and what not. God. Why don't people just do that when they make the damn item?

^That was so random. I'm just happy I learned something, I guess. I like figuring things out from time to time. & SimPE seems like such a hard thing to conquer. Whatever.
This entry is about me being sick, dammit.

My voice is pretty much fucked at the moment. I don't like that at all. Plus my throat is sore and the honey I bought is only helping so-so.

Please, no one tell me to take any pills.

I'm not even sure if I'm sick again. I'm tired of my body always failing me.
I ate some spicy ramen noodles for the first time the other day. They were tastey.. but I think they burned my throat. Well, I thought they did. Maybe it was just a coincidence? Because now I have a runny nose and a cough again.

Just when I thought I had gotten rid of that shit. What the hell??
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