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We Partied Again.

I haven't been home in two days.. because we went to Orlando & got a hotel room!

We were right across the street from Wet n' Wild. It was a Motel 8.. and a little ways down the road was a Motel 6 - lawl. They say they're motels but they look like hotels on the inside. They're nothing like the shady motels around Daytona beach & anything you may have heard. Room looked clean... anyway.

Right after getting the room... we drove back to Altamonte, to go to their large mall. Oh no wait! We went and saw a movie first!

Run Fat Boy, Run. Generic chick flick.. but I liked it. Only one thing that really bothered me - it was uh.. censored? There's a part in the movie that gets bleeped out. Talk about breaking the fourth wall... I found it very odd. Anyway... wasn't completely bad, but extremely english & uh generic when it comes to the genre.

At least it wasn't from the chick point of view. I hate those more.

So then we walked around the mall.. and probably for the first time ever, we walked through a mall without buying anything. (Aside from the movie tickets...)

Very fun, though. I love that mall.

For dinner we went to Cattleman's. REALLY fancy restaurant. Rich got a steak.. that was really tender. Worth the money, I'm thinking.. especially the bites I got out of it.

I got pork chops that were really good, too! And as you can see.. we both got sides of rice... because we thought it was odd that they were serving it with steak?

Do people eat steak & rice? I guess some do...

After dinner we got lost and ended up driving around in a circle to get back to the hotel. (I'm calling it a hotel because it was nice looking)
We got lost earlier trying to get to the hotel to get the room too; accidentally took the turn pike and ended up paying a toll.. TWICE. So annoying.

We got back though and walked around to a mini golf place near by. Awesome times - I don't think I've ever played mini-golf before. Neither of us were any good at it, but it was amusing. I got a hole in one a few times, though. And other times it was just funny, because I'd get so close to the hole, but the ball wouldn't go in.

Rich accidentally knocked a ball over the side of something.. and it almost hit some guy in the head. We saw em' leave early, and we assumed we'd frightened them off.

Found that in the sidewalk on the way over to the golf course. hehe.
After golf, we went back to the hotel.. and I found adult swim on the tv. We watched Harvey Birdman and Family guy all night till we passed out. I love seeing adult swim... since we don't have it around here. *fail*

Next morning, we watched half of Back to the Future 2 and then checked out to go get some breakfast at a breakfast buffet. Some place called the Pondarosa... most of it was good. They had little things of cereal that you could make yourself. (I love me some cereal) Our server was great & she was giggling over the fact that we were watching tv while we ate.

Food ended up kicking our asses though. I got sick later on.

After breakfast & walking around, we went to Festival Bay & I got some new shoes and a skirt.. that ended up falling apart. Yeah.. I'm not very happy with that. Oh well. I'm gonna end up fixing - thank god I know how to sew.

The picture: Out side of Festival Bay (mall), there's a small pond and they have a cat that lives there. Someone must be feeding it, because it's always there anytime we go. I guess they have a few turtles too, because they hang out around the cat.

It's the Jesus building!! Only.. not anymore.. the jesus people aren't going to be there now & it's just gonna be a regular office building. I can't believe it's almost done. I wish I could go work in it. I believe it's an essential landmark of central Florida. I still think it's a Jesus building, too.

We went to Daytona after everything else.. and that's when my skirt started coming apart. FAIL!

There are no pictures of the skirt... because I had to change out of it.

Anyway.. we went to the beach.. which kicked our asses, but very fun. Especially since it's starting to get hot out. I'm kind of growing on the whole summer/spring thing - it's a lot of fun when you know you can go cool off. Other than that, I still don't care for it.

We went to the mall after that & I got sick.. which sucked cause I was in the bathroom like three times. Nothing special happened other than me almost shitting myself in public.

After that we had dinner at steak n' shake which wasn't that great & both of our waiters were assholes. We were both kind of sick, and just all together worn out.

Rented some movies at blockbuster.. watched one today. Had some fun at Barnes & Noble and then Wal Mart. We were freaked out because we saw some thing on the news at the hotel that there was a "Wal Mart Rapist" on the loose. Now I can't go to Wal-Mart by myself.

Today I applied for a credit card, and in the mail - I got my Hello Kitty debit card!! Yay!

We had fun.. even though we're both tired as hell from our trip. I don't think my dad even noticed that we were gone. WTH.
We're both broke.. and I really need to get a job.. so I'm still working on that. I'm probably gonna get one in town.. as much as it sucks.. we need a car. & I need a phone that I can actually pay for & use. & I want a better laptop. Nuff said.


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