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3D & Other Shit.

These things are getting better and better...

If you don't know what I'm talking about in that picture - it is broad fucking daylight and that person has their headlights on.

They didn't have any good deals. THIS IS WHY YOU ARE GOING OUT OF BUSINESS.

He looks cute here.

lawls, chinnels food to go.

Dessert from Noah's Market in Daytona Beach. Shit was good.

rofl, what's going on here?


This would be the fold up cat we bought at Big Lots. (yes, I go to big lots)

See? It really folds.

My Bloody Valentine
We made sure to go see it in 3-D. Totally worth it. They make you pay for the fucking glasses, though. But hey, we got to keep them... I don't have a picture of me wearing them because I suck.
Anyway. Totally decent movie. It's a remake, too. I don't usually go see remakes. The only thing that kind of bugged me, and I know it would really piss off most people going to see it - they try to throw you off. More than once. But I still enjoyed it. Especially most of the 3-D gags and most of the effects.
Not to mention, this is perfect slasher flick. They did a great job of having a high body count. Also boobies, in 3-D.
I'm kind of curious to watch the non 3-D version, now. Just to see if it still holds up.
And I have to say, I'm looking forward to more horror movies getting the 3-D releases. Fuck yeah retro.

My biggest problem: They purposely attached a trailer to this movie that was in 3-D. The trailer was for an animated kids movie. That's good. Everyone who's going to see a horror movie will be interested in that.
Listen. I was the only who was interested in it! EVERYONE ELSE WAS GOING WTF'S THIS KID SHIT?

Tonight is chicken night. Spicy chicken night.
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