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Spicy Food

All my life I have never been a fan of spicy food.. and then it occurred to me, while I was sick with whatever the fuck that was: I need to eat more spicy food.

It apparently cured whatever I had. No more cotton mouth throat and no more sniffles/clogged up nose. Why people take pills, I will never understand. Well. I understand a little, but I don't see how it helps.

So I guess I should eat more spicy food now. I don't think I want any suggestions or anything. I'm still picky as ever about what I like to eat. I'm just a little stunned. I seriously hated spicy food my entire life right up until this point.

Being sick brought about some interesting thoughts, though. There are a lot of things I think I might want to change. Whatever that one means.

Oh yeah. Who likes my new layout? with my failart. lol.
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