lintelsoups (lintelsoups) wrote,


Must it rain every day?! It's rained almost every day this week. What the hell? I know it's keeping everythig around here from drying up.. but it doesn't need to happen EVERY damn day.

April showers bring May flowers. Yeah, no shit. Come may, I better not be able to get my foot out the door without stepping on some kind of overgrown wild life jungle.

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    THANK YOU blaq I LUV YOU BB. Even though I haven't even done that much here lately. I actually thought about deleting, but no, I'm…

  • I've just got this feeling that

    I've got some itch to waste time.

  • Just sayin

    Oh man, I woke up this morning and it was almost like I didn't even go to sleep. And I woke up early. That's highly unusual for me.

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