lintelsoups (lintelsoups) wrote,

Well, This Has A Christmas Theme


Snew men.

Yes. This is what it looks like.



These are some delicious burgers.

I am a furry. (I am not a furry)

Look how badass this looks.

Macy's Day mini parade.

Plant people.

Cookie people and other assorted pastries.

Don't be fooled. She is a pie.

Black people with freckles are awesome.

This woman is a beautiful ginger.. I should have asked for her phone number.

When she's not enforcing PETA...

Macy's, bringing you expensive clothes since 1858.

I didn't understand this one. Does anyone know what this could possibly mean??


I wasn't aware this bumble bee was a man.

Only I am capable of capturing fantastic moments like this one. (wtf is she doing??)

It kills me how that's supposed to be like a family parade.. and yet they get nothing but hot bitches to prance around in fancy clothes and stilts.

How does Santa Clause get with such good looking women?

Altamonte Mall's big bad ass Christmas tree.

Next week I go to Animal Kingdom over at Disney.

Be on the look out for me having a permaccount. Cool, eh?

Tags: i go to theme parks all the time yo, photogenics

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