lintelsoups (lintelsoups) wrote,

What you heard is true!

If this isn't allowed, just let me know and delete it.

but if not.. I'd like to sell my Nintendo Wii!
300$ starting price.

I am selling my entire package. For just the wii and all it comes with - 300$

I'll let you choose from three wii games as you see above. 20$ extra for the Zelda & the Simpsons game, 10 for the Resident Evil game. OR
*I'm also selling the charger station for 10$ and the other wiimote with nunchuck for 20$ (you can see it in the picture)

4 Gamecube games (the system also plays these) 2$ each; along with

Gamecube controller for 2$ extra.

For 5 more dollars, you can have the DSL cable for the wii (This was originally 30!!)

If you buy it, it will come in box, like new:

Wii package includes the wii sports game, one controller with wristband and guard & one nunchuck, one sensor bar, one wii, manual, video cabels, power supply, & stand.

Added bonus, if you choose to get the Zelda game, I will give you the game guide for FREE (I think it'd be kind of silly of me to make you buy it anyhow..)

Comment here or here ONLY if you are serious about buying it. Then I will give you my contact info: email adress, IM and phone number if needed.
In order to buy this, you must either have Paypal account, or give me a money order. I will not accept anything else. (NO CHECKS)

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