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I go out every night

We went to universal. Not the usual trip...

I stalked Homer & Marge. They said Bart & Lisa were coming out.. but they lied.

New simpsons ride is looking pretty sweet.

This is out front. Fucking awesome, right? I'm dying to go on that thing. I don't know how I'm going to get back over there.

The shark from Jaws is sitting where Earthquake used to be.. because Earthquake is no more. It's umm... still earthquake only now - Christopher Walken contributes to it?
They've got this asinine get up where a fake Christopher Walken (filmed) comes out and interacts with some guy. Then they supposedly film a movie.. which at the end of the ride turns out to be the most ridicious thing you could ever watch.

Way to go for Walken, though. He went from being a Bond villian to a senile old man who's obviously begging for money. That's not awful at all.

Inside the Spiderman ride. YUM RITE?!

There's porn in the ride. I think I may have pointed this out to some people before, but I actually got a good picture of it this time.
The ride was broke when we got on it... so that was pretty hilarious. You could hear the motor in the car trying way to hard. I'm amazed we didn't die in there. Also, there was no sound on it. Way too amusing.

I caught it while it lit up!! (inside the mummy ride)

I think I love this picture. From the Dueling Dragons wait line. We went on them back to back - hard core.

hehe. I love going on all the Dr.Suess rides even though no one else does whenever I go. Bunch a fags. Those rides are awesome. I don't know what's wrong with you people.

Other than that - it was pretty normal.. got my shit stuck in a locker.. the meal deal thing was neat. I'd say it only works if you stay the entire day in the summer hours time. They stay open till ten. I think eating small meals gave me a bit more energy then I would have usually had.

I actually got to go on the Taradactile ride that I haven't been on since I was like 12, because for the longest time they wouldn't let you on if you didn't have a kid with you. I forgot how high & scary that fucking thing was. I went on it with my dad because Rich is afraid of heights.. I don't blame him for not getting on that thing though - holy shit. I swore I was going to fall out near the end; it swings your ass at a ninety degree angle.

Met some tourists in line.. they were frequent theme park goers & had some interesting stories about going on different coasters at different parks. Kid seemed to be hitting on me though.. damn Rich didn't walk in line with us & I was left looking available. I FUCKING HATE WHEN THAT HAPPENS.

After all of that... I feel like I haven't been in the house for days. I kind of haven't. I found out that Rich had an extra day off last week. So he wants to go to wal-mart at 1 in the morning and party, so we did. Then we go back down there to do other things... flea market & such. Stay out all day. Then when I'm taking a break from being out of the house - we go out AGAIN! In the middle of the night to a wal-mart & an IHOP. Jebus.

All night party. Also, Rich got some fur tails. So I wear one with him. lawls. They're the nice ones, made from real fur.

I'm gonna be out of the house real soon, too.. Tomorrow we're gonna go look at cars. I might get a suit thing too at the mall. & I was thinking about getting some leggings. Or legging shorts. I don't know.


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