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These Dreams

There was something about going to a wedding. And he brought a gun, because he had to, of course.

Gun went off, and shot several things.

I was trying to get a job in the living room. But people were praying. I kept interrupting them, because I don't care about prayers.

And that's when the shots came through the window. It wasn't him after all.

But that's not what the authorities wanted to hear. They were convinced it was him. He doesn't even look like he could commit a white collar crime, let alone shooting down a wedding.

And when his wife wasn't there in the prison.
I came every day to visit.

I looked down at the paper and saw the scrambled words.
"So that's how you spell it?" And we had a little laugh.

This was so interesting and intriguing. I just wish I could go back..
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