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Rage week is officially over. PIC POSTING AGAIN

I made it.. I think. I'm so fucking tired more than anything else. I started a diet this week. It's not really a diet so much as, watching what the fuck I eat and when and how much... you know? Being better about it? Instead of just slobbing around like an idiot. I've been cleaning too. But.. the biggest part - is the walking.

My walking buddies for the weekend. The blonde one is Tiffany that some of you have heard things about. The one behind her is Emily... They were playing with string. DONT ASK.

CP anyone?! I was not aware of the creepy sexy kid look on her face when I took this. Seriously. What the fuck. There's something wrong about that. If you stare more than a minute, you're a pedo.

This is what walking consists of, btw. That's right. Through the fucking backwoods of CC. WHAT THE HELL RIGHT??

It's a fucking jungle. With a walking path? I want to know why someone would make said path?

lol. Yep. Those are some mattresses, that are out in the woods.

Standing on mattresses in the woods... is probably harmless, but I still wouldn't do it.

Emily on the phone. They're always getting fucking phone calls. She kind of creeps me out sometimes. I think she might have a small crush on me - she's always grabbing me and hugging me.. wtf???

God damn traps.

Speaking of which. ONE JUST CALLED ME. RIGHT NOW. GAH.


I sewed this up without realizing how long it is. It kind of comes off like a dress now & I think I kind of like it.

I'm not entirely sure, though. I was thinking of maybe taking the bottom off and adding the bottom of the white shirt back on instead? Or maybe sewing the bottom of the white shirt over the black bottom, to make it look layered-ish? I don't know what would look better, honestly.

EDIT #2 because I obviously suck and forget everything!
I have a new aim name: Lintelsoups. My other ones no longer work. I don't know what happened. But Roth, you need to add the Lintelsoups one, because I have info for you soon.

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