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RAGE WEEK: a bump in the road.

I'm afraid there isn't going to be that much more rage in me this week. Here's why:

The other day - it was the first day of fall. And we should all be aware of what that does to me. I love it. I woke up the other day, and saw google and I wanted to squeal like a little pig. But I didn't - because this is only the beginning of fall.

It's still a little confusing, you know? It'll be cold during the first part of the day - but then it'll warm up some during the afternoons. I like it when it's cooler around here. It beats sweating like a dog in this house; especially if the car is too crappy to make it to a beach.

Anyway. I woke up this morning and oh my god! It is sooo cold in my room. I actually woke up a bit happy for once! Nothing compared to how I woke up yesterday - but I'll get to that later. I had a tough time deciding which one of my long sleeved shirts I was gonna wear! I love wearing my winter clothes - because I never get to wear them around here, it being stupid Florida and all.

*goes to cook rice*

Okay. Enough of that.
More of why I can't rage like that for too long:

The other day, Rich and I cleaned up my ENTIRE room and then organized everything - and then we moved a lot of stuff around. It is scary how fucking different it looks in my room now. I'm not even kidding about the scary part. I woke up the other day and I thought I was in someone else's fucking house. In fact. The only things that didn't really change are where the fridge is, and the bed. I wish I could move the bed, lol. (It's a big fucking built in waterbed, so Rich and I can't exactly move it.)

Fridge is still the same, but it's no longer slouched over and a mess. It used to have a bunch of old bread on it for some reason. :(

Ignore the stupid blanket. I have yet to take it down, but I will do so. It's hideous and I didn't put it there. Nor do I need it. Ugh. The point of this picture is to show how clean the bottom of my closet now is. YOU CAN ACTUALLY SEE THE FLOOR.

Notice how everything is all neat and organized?? That thing used to be soooo fucking cluttered.

Rich cleaning out a bit in my upper closet things.. I don't know what the fuck they are. They're up there. So we put them to good use and tried to close all the doors - but one of them is missing of course.

The bed. You'll have to excuse Rich sleeping on it. The radio is no longer apart of my bed. YAY!!

More recent picture of my awkward vanity. I moved around all my mini-posters.

Wider shots. With feet.

My computer and my radio - they're next to the windows now instead of next to the door. That gives me a ton more space.

See all the room between the table and my desk?? IT'S AWESOME. I can walk around without running into things. FUCK. Never been able to do that.

I don't have any good comparison pictures... which sucks. I just looked through a bunch of stuff, and I can't find any. I swore I took some at some point though. Gah.

I actually like my room now. And the weather. What could go wrong?

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