lintelsoups (lintelsoups) wrote,

It hurts to shrug my shoulders.

...Stupid Sexy Bill Gates.

Bill Gates was way hotter than Steve Jobs back in the day.
I was going to edit these pictures and make them all fancy.. but I took this pill and I'm getting all fuzzy headed.

I woke up today and I had my ENTIRE day planned out. There was so much stuff I was going to do... I still have the list. But, little did I know - the bone in my left shoulder went fucking batshit without me.

I couldn't get it to stop. It felt like someone had reached into my body and started just squeezing my bones in there. I tried to ignore it and do things, but it kept getting worse. So I went to lay back down, to wait for Richie to come home. He did. And he went looking for pain pills for me, because just rubbing it wasn't working. He ended up getting a half a pill from my dad when he had his teeth pulled.

He was not kidding about how strong it was. It not only knocked me out - I still feel woozy. I want the other half of it, though.
My shoulder blade still feels kind of sore. I don't understand what the fuck happened. I mean, I've had similar things happen before. Slept on my arms wrong before & what not. It never ever hurt like this, though. This was unbearable fucking pain.

It almost felt the same as when my stomach started to hurt before I went to the hospital. I hope this stuff goes away. I'm sure it will.
And you'll understand if I get addicted to pain pills, correct? lol.

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