lintelsoups (lintelsoups) wrote,

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO DANNIE BOI!!!!!! *happyrageface* Shamwow, anyone?

I knew the day would come when I would have to make my way back to /tv/ @ 4chan. That day was when I first saw the Shamwow commercials. I knew this shit would spread like wildfire on the internet, not just fagchan.

Vinnie boy, there has some great fan art.
Soo... where's my rule 34 on this guy?? I WANT NAO.

I"m sorry Dannie, to have to lump you in with this New Jersey crack head...

But happy birthday, anyway! While everyone else is reminiscing about bullshit from the past - here you are. Growing into the future. That is, if the future doesn't get sucked into some kind of black hole. :(


Dannie, as her usualy self, at a computer - chatting it up.

I'm not the biggest fan of that hair - but there is no such thing as a "tiny afro" in the sim cc world that I could find.. so this will have to do. Besides - Dannie used to have hair like this.

Comparisons. That is the reference picture I used because I was too lazy to dig up better pictures of her that I do have.

Dannie getting down while the usual type of dormies walk by. Sim!Dannie is in college and staying in a rather large dorm.
She's taking philosophy.

That little message popped up letting me know that Dannie's into science. God, Dan, you're such a geek! Expect to get abducted by aliens for this...

Not a fan of the homework...


Soon as the homework shit was done - she was immeadiatly back on the computer - telling people she was ready to knock them out with a good ol' Elaine Shove.

Dannie is a romance sim.. who is eager to get some, apparently.

...they were actually having a nice conversation about aliens. GO FIGURE.

We end with Dannie the virgo - splashing in a puddle.
If only there was a "kick tree" interaction. damn.

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