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Roth's Saturday "house warming" party.

I probably have way too many pictures of Evan. I couldn't help it, though! It's so fun to take pictures of him. Not to mention most adults are pretty meh about getting their pictures taken.

I finally got my present for his birthday.. that was back at the beginning of August.

It was so awesome to see Annie again! & I got to talk to Tiffany on the phone.. I gave her my number.. but she has yet to call.

LOL ATTACK. (There's some people in the background playing wii)
We watched the Toxic Avenger and did commentary on how bad it was. Vinnie made a comment that David looks just like the dude in the movie that ends up becoming Toxie.

Annie did my hair... Then Roth and Annie proceeded to rape my face. This was the result.

Awww! I'm gonna upload the rest of his pictures on my stupid myspace for Annie.

I love this picture for some reason. I think it's the natural light stuff and it makes me want to do more with natural light. This was Roth doing her hair, btw.
And I probably had the longest conversation with Tim I've ever had since I've known him in highschool while Roth was in the shower.

Hah. I randomly ended up spending the night. I got to play GTA4 for the first time, though. Now I'll really be looking forward to it when it gets ported for the PC.
I have some awesome hair when I wake up.
& I hightailed it out of there because I couldn't stop sneezing & I wasn't about to spend the rest of the day in Roth's bathroom using all the tissues.

I came home to this. Rich always leaves me some kind of crazy note whenever I'm not home.

This is for Dannie. I didn't take this. I randomly found it on my camera. Apparently Rich was fucking around with the thing. When I showed this to him he fucked cracked up laughing. Jesus.


Maybe tomorrow I won't do a picture spam update. I probably will, though because we went to Altamonte yesterday and just drove all over the place.
Also, I should add that it is probably the most fun thing to do on the internet right now: TROLL YAHOO ANSWERS. Holy shit, is that awesome.

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