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Auuugh whry?

I really wanted to update with some of the pictures from Roth's party on Saturday night but... the internet is all whacked out on my computer.

Also.. I might be going to Orlando to party down tomorrow. D: I am going to be so behind on my pictures.
On top of that.. I have to save & delete all my shit from my old DA account; so I can have a better LintelSoups account, to focus on photography and photoshop skills. I think I am done with drawing. Thank god. That wasn't the best part of my life, now was it?

I swear, some people just aren't cut out for that.
Aaaand I'm going to upload all my pictures onto myspace at Annie's request.

Probably have to do most of that on Wednesday, seeing as I'll be gone for most of the day tomorrow. I have a doctors appointment next week, too. Eek.



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