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My Birthday.. Part 2: The Sequel.

I got a Nikon D40 for my birthday and I abused it from the time I took it out of the box.
Actually.. I waited for the battery charged. Then used it. Haven't stopped using it.

Hehe. Tons of cat photos. If you want moar: my new cat gallery.

Don't do this, kids.


More of my Pedobear shirt. I can't get enough of it, sorry. Also, I like Rich wearing it. Badassness.

I was really drunk when I took this at Ruby Tuesday's. I got a drink with Skyy Vodka - jebus.

D'aww! Also, I changed my hair again. It looks better right now, though.

I can't take enough pictures of bawls bottles. This one is my favorite; Rich is in the background drinking a bawls.

SUP WHORES rocketonaplanet inspired me. Haha.

Rich got that flag awhile ago, but we never got any really good pictures of it until just now. lulz. Communism.

One of the many vehicles out in the yard. So trashy.

Big ass moth outside of winn-dixie.

We finally went to go see some cows!! Yes, I've wanted to see these cows for awhile, but we're always going somewhere or we miss them completely.


This cow wasn't as shy as the other one. They looked scared when I first walked up, but then when they realized I wasn't going to harm them, the black one got friendly. The brown one just continued to eat grass.

A late birthday present to me was getting a choco taco at the mall. WHY ARE THESE THINGS SO HARD TO FIND??


My favorite place to go when I get a new camera is World Market. They have such neat things & no one cares if I'm snapping pictures.

Yeah. Lick that sausage. *gross*

We went to TGI Friday's for a fancy feast. This was what Rich got.

I got a pork chop. & I actually ate all of that. Partly because I got hammered again.

Fancy desert. Thing looks so good up close too.. geez.

Hah.. it doesn't really say that.

I bought myself some birthday presents. Hah. I also got a shirt and some suspenders - because why not?

Came home to a lizard invasion. These are all over the house when it rains like this. Non-stop rain all the time. :(

Unfortunately, with these lizards come big ass spiders apparently. (Spiders not pictured)

All in all I had a really fun birthday. Two days worth even. I'll be doing more stuff with my camera, later.

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