March 4th, 2009

Before I Get Distracted Again...

A list of things I want once I get an income again:

A Chi. or some variation of one I suppose. (you know, hair straightener)
A real corset; one that might put me in the hospital again for twisted gut.
One of those juicer machines so I can make all natural vodka drink mixes.
I'd say a car.. but that's probably a given? An interesting car vs. just a car I would need.
Asian umbrella.
Rave clothes.
A salon stylist that doesn't go missing after givng me one good haircut.
Complete hello kitty outfit. (I'm not joking lol)
While on that subject, I'd like to have more chococat crap as well.
more collector/geeky type stuff.
A phone?
Serger of some kind.
If I could find it - an mp3 player that's a drag n' drop player that uses usb support that is over 20gig or whatever. I probably mean 20 GB? someone correct me.
fuzzy boots.
new black light.

I don't want to put general crap on here like dvd's or something.
And I'm sure there was something else.. but I've forgotten. That's too much stuff anyway. I don't plan on getting it all at once.