March 1st, 2009

Not Enough Sleep In The World

I can't believe I even got to sleep last night. Or that I woke at like 8 today. WTF?
Because, Friday night/Saturday morning - we randomly went to wal mart at like 4 in the morning. To get pizza. That we ended up burning. WOW.
Before that - we were trolling yahoo chat rooms. Which is hard to do, because most of those places are already filled with trolls.

So after our pizza was burned; we went to buy another one. That we didn't burn, but I forgot to take the cardboard out from under it. At least it didn't cook to the bottom of it. I've done that before.. haha.

Ohhh, & we got macadamia nut cookies. Those things are soo good. Dannie, you remember when we got those in highschool?

I have banana bread to make today. After I get a pan for it. Also, I have an inane craving for some kind of soda, so I guess I'll be getting a 2 liter. I only mention that because I really hardly ever drink soda. In fact I've been having nothing but water as of late. But I'm getting too bored with it.

GOD IT IS RAINING. *waits for big ass spiders*